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Do you need an experienced Orange County bankruptcy attorney? Welcome To The Christiansen Law Offices. Filing bankruptcy is a big decision. Perhaps you just received a notice of an audit or you’re struggling with a growing tax debt… Perhaps you are a business owner with a state sales tax dispute or find yourself struggling under the burden of debt. Whether you are a business owner, a representative of a corporation or an individual, tax issues can quickly become a huge problem where bankruptcy may be a viable solution.

You don’t need to face it alone. With over 17 years of in depth experience in bankruptcy law, Attorney Catherine Christiansen’s Orange County law firm is here to provide you with her expertise at an affordable rate. An initial FREE consultation includes listening to your individual needs and developing a customized legal plan based on your best interests.

The longer you wait, the worse your situation will become. We know you have a lot of questions and that’s good. We want to educate you and help you through this difficult process. There is definitely light at the end of the tunnel. Don’t wait, call today for a free phone consultation with an Orange County bankruptcy lawyer!

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You Can Stop Foreclosure- Save Your Home! —By filing for bankruptcy, you can definitely prevent mortgage lenders from initiating foreclosure on your home or property. In fact, according to Chapter 13 bankruptcy, debt can be reorganized into a workable repayment plan, giving you the ability to lower your monthly mortgage payment and allow you to keep your home.

You Can Stop Creditor Harassment. —If you file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, bankruptcy law provides you “automatic stay protection”. When this action is taken, creditors are prohibited from contacting you directly and can only try to collect the outstanding debt through the bankruptcy court. The automatic stay is very effective in stopping harassing phone calls and other collection tactics.

You Can Stop Credit Card Debt. —Did you know that as your debt-to-income ratio increases, your credit score decreases? Filing for personal bankruptcy can actually reverse this trend, as you begin to take the needed steps to repair your credit and get your financial life back in order.

You Can Stop Wage Garnishment. —Wage Garnishment is simply a court order that instructs your current employer to withhold a portion of your paycheck and deliver that portion to a creditor for debt repayment. Bankruptcy can remove the garnishment, saving you from the embarrassment and inconvenience.

You Can Stop Repossession. —Get Your Auto or Truck Back as well as lower Your Payment. When you file for bankruptcy, this gives you automatic stay protection, which prevents your vehicle from being repossessed. Bankruptcy can even get your repossessed auto or truck back — and a lower monthly payment on the vehicle may be arranged.

You Can Keep Your Possessions. —There are many individuals who think filing for bankruptcy forces them to liquidate everything they own, which is not true. Bankruptcy helps you keep important items including your house, your vehicle, your retirement plan, etc. – even your cash.

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